Courier Services in Boston vs the Postal Service

Posted on July 21, 2022

courier services in boston

If you run a small business, or even a medium or large business, you need to send and receive several packages, parcels, and other items every day. And if you’re only using the postal service to send and receive your packages, you could be losing valuable time and money. At Fleet Couriers, we know the importance of getting your items delivered on time. Courier services in Boston have the ability to deliver your packages with a level of personalized service and speed that the postal service just can’t match.

Here are three major differences between the postal service and courier services in Boston.


Delivery Speed

We all know that “time is money” and if you’re running a business, you can’t afford to waste either. When you drop something in the mail, it gets there when it gets there. When you have a courier pick it up, you know it will arrive at its destination exactly when you need it to. Even if you pay for rush shipping, the best the postal service can do is usually overnight delivery. And that’s no guarantee that it will actually arrive the next day. If you call Fleet Couriers, we’ll have your parcel delivered on the same day.


Precise Tracking Data

If you have a time-sensitive or valuable delivery, you want to know where it is at all times. The postal service has tracking tools, but you can usually only see the last facility it stopped at, not where it is right now. With our tracking technology, you always know where your delivery is. We also have live traffic mapping so that our dispatchers can communicate with our drivers and direct them to the clearest and fastest route.


Fewer Restrictions

When you ship with the postal service, there are often size and weight restrictions on what you can ship. Courier services in Boston have fewer restrictions on what kind of items they will deliver within the types of businesses they contract with. Courier services also have more versatile fleets and will have a vehicle that can accommodate large or heavy shipments.


Fast and Reliable Courier Services in Boston

If your business is in need of courier services in Boston, look no further than Fleet Couriers. We offer same-day shipping throughout New England and can set up regular delivery routes. We have the drivers and the truck fleet to accommodate all your delivery needs.


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