Courier Services and E-commerce: The Perfect Match

Posted on April 21, 2022

courier services

Even though brick and mortar stores are seeing a resurgence, there’s no denying that the increase in e-commerce is here to stay. Large companies have no problem keeping up with the volume of online orders, but what about smaller businesses? As it turns out, smaller e-commerce businesses have been able to compete because of courier services. With speedy, reliable, and flexible delivery options and schedules, courier services and e-commerce are a perfect match. Fleet Couriers can meet all your shipping and delivery needs, no matter how tight your schedule is.

Here’s how courier services are keeping e-commerce businesses in business.


Flexible Delivery Schedule

When it comes to fulfilling orders, keeping to your promised delivery date is key. While the Postal Service and large delivery companies are locked into their regular routes, courier companies have the freedom to tailor their routes to fit the delivery needs of their customers. If you promise next-day or same-day delivery, large delivery companies will not be able to guarantee those deliveries without charging hefty fees. Fast delivery is the basis of courier services’ business, which is why they offer competitive rates for short delivery windows.


Reliable Tracking Details

Knowing where your deliveries are at all times is essential for any e-commerce business. Fleet Couriers uses the latest in courier technology, allowing you to access online ordering, full delivery tracking services, and more. With our technology, you can see exactly where a package is along the delivery route. You’ll even know what time it was delivered and who signed for it. These tools are especially useful for same-day deliveries. If the delivery requires a signature, you can give your customer a relatively small window of time that they need to be available to sign. Gone are the days of “we’ll see you between 8 am and 4 pm.”

Fast and Reliable Courier Services from Fleet Couriers

If you’re looking to give your business that extra edge, you need Fleet Couriers. Whether you ship out products every day or only a few times a month, our fleet is ready to deliver your packages. Contact us at (800) 734-9309 to find out more about how courier services can improve your e-commerce business.