Companies That Dominate Same Day Delivery Services

Posted on October 21, 2019

In today’s fast-paced world, especially in New England, consumers want things, and they want them now. With same day delivery in Massachusetts, companies are making this demand a reality. Here at Fleet Couriers, we also provide same day delivery service to our medical and business consumers. However, we wanted to take a moment and recognize some of the most prominent leaders in this industry.

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Hands-down, the number one same day delivery service goes to Amazon. Founded in 1994, the online bookstore has now become a multi-billion dollar company that provides same day delivery to Prime members across the globe. Why are they so popular? Because the company delivers what people need when they need it. From books to super glue, kids snacks to electronics, Amazon dominates the retail world. I mean, now they’ve even partnered with Whole Foods to provide customers with food delivery services within a two-hour window!



If you’re trying to save face on that forgotten anniversary or birthday, FTD has your back. Order by 2 pm from a specified group of flower arrangements and you can have same day flower delivery for a minimal fee. Sometimes that extra charge is worth the avoided headache.


FedEx and UPS

As two of the largest courier delivery services across the globe, FedEx and UPS are names that consumers have grown to trust. However, when utilizing their same day services, be sure to check out the time cutoffs. If you happen to miss the deadline, you’ll just have to wait until the next day.



Although they’re not accessible to the East coast just yet, Postmates is making quite a name for themselves in several big cities. From Sand Diego to New York City, and down to Miami, Postmates will deliver groceries, fast food, and even drinks right to your door. The unique aspect of Postmates is the per delivery fee or the monthly subscription.


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Here at Fleet Couriers, we take pride in offering medical and non-medical same day delivery in Massachusetts. Founded in 1996, our customers throughout the Northeast have to rely on the dependability of our team. We deliver what is promised when it is promised. For more information on how we may be able to help your business needs, call us today at 800.734.9309.