4 Common Package Delivery Problems

Posted on May 7, 2020

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As a business that often utilizes national delivery services, you may find yourself facing some common problems. Although we understand the appeal of the ease with a nationally known name, there are benefits in using your local courier companies in Mass. At Fleet Couriers, our team is the go-to solution for many of the issues faced when dealing with a multi-billion dollar company. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top four horror stories we often hear from customers.



PROBLEM: Your order is delayed

Planning ahead is always the best route, but sometimes life throws you a curveball. When the unexpected occurs and time sensitives deliveries are needed, delays can wreak havoc.

SOLUTION: Carefully select a local courier company that puts its customers first. Dedication to the customer experience, not the timesheet, is crucial when it concerns time-sensitive deliveries. Often, same-day service is available with this type of company.



PROBLEM: The order arrived damaged

We’ve all been in the situation, anxiously awaiting a package, only to receive a damaged package or product. This situation is not only extremely disappointing, but it is also a waste of time. Having to call the company, explain the situation, provide proof of damage, then wait (again) for the arrival of the new product is an experience everyone could do without. Likewise, the shipping company experiences just as much frustration in taking the loss to provide its customers with superior service.

SOLUTION: Spend the time to research and hire a local company that provides a team of drivers who are held responsible for each delivery. Added measures like extensive employee training demonstrate the dedication and understanding the team has for their job responsibilities.


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PROBLEM: The tracking number is inaccurate or not working

There’s nothing worse than the guessing game when tracking your package. Where, when, and who ended up with your package is not only quite the mystery to solve, but also quite frustrating!

SOLUTION: Hire a company that provides real-time tracking with the latest industry technologies. Being empowered with the capability of monitoring your delivery from beginning to end brings more peace of mind than you could imagine.



PROBLEM: The order was delivered to the wrong address

Now that you’ve tracked your lost package, you discover it was delivered to the incorrect address. Hoping the recipient is honest, you may have a chance of getting your package back. However, chances are, you’ll be dealing with the company for a refund or playing the waiting game for a new shipment.

SOLUTION: Local courier companies in Mass, like Fleet Couriers, ensure that each package is delivered when and to where it should be, the first time. With personalized service, our customers have peace of mind that their deliveries are in the hands of a team that actually cares.


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At Fleet Couriers, our customers know the dedication our team extends into each delivery. For years, we have serviced the Greater Boston area, becoming the go-to with several local businesses through honesty, integrity, and by providing the highest levels of customer experience possible.

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