The College kids are back–the struggle of population influx

Posted on October 19, 2016

Fall is upon us. That means changing leaves and pumpkins. Apple Orchards will soon be open for harvest. Your Jack-O-Lanterns will soon be carved making a mess of the kitchen. Along with these comes the cooler weather that some of us are looking forward to after a warm summer of heat waves about 90 degrees during the high point of the summer. However, while many will welcome the sweater weather and the crisp morning air, the college kids come back as well.
Boston is one of the most densely populated areas when it comes to colleges. Off the top of anyone’s heads they can list some of the more popular schools in the city. The city, and its surrounding areas are home to:
• Boston University
• Boston College
• Tufts
• UMass
• Salem State
• Lesley University
• Wellesley University
• Harvard University
• Curry College
• Bunker Hill Community College
These colleges are just the top 11 that we could think of in 30 seconds. That is a lot of schools, and even more students. Depending on the college there could easily be a thousand kids in a class level. Some of the smaller schools will have less, but that is a huge influx in the population when they come back for school. Some schools are even trying to expand how many students they take in every year.
So with the influx in the population, as anyone knows comes the complications of crowded trains, crowded coffee shops and crowded streets. No one group of people know the struggle of the crowded streets more than your local couriers. Those who use courier services know that we work year around to help get you deliveries to where they need to go. Summer, winter, Spring and Fall all have their changes and their pros and cons when it comes to driving.

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While we expect the influx to change, it is always a shock at how much it actually changes every year. After driving in the summers, the change in the fall is always shocking. There are more commuting students every year so that adds to the traffic, and the dorms are full so that adds to the foot traffic. As a courier this can complicate the ease of our deliveries, but it also brings more individuals who are looking for our services.

The biggest drawback to the rise in the population is the ease of getting around the city. Boston is a challenge for travel to begin with no matter what time you try to get to the city. That creates a challenge for deliveries in the first place as it creates a lot of distractions that we are trained to look out for such as children and joggers. However, with the rise in college students we see an influx in a different generation. We have seen the phone generation engrossed in phones walking into traffic and this
challenge when rowdy college kids are out on a Friday night increases greatly. With these new distractions the city becomes a dangerous place to ride, but we are trained to know how the influx affects us, and how it will affect our commute. That means we do runs, find the issues, and ways to correct them so that we are always on time to the cities capabilities. Population influx cannot stop us.
A rise in population is not a bad thing. It just adds time, pedestrians to look out for and traffic. All of these issues can be solved and we still get you your deliveries on time every day of the year.
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