Boston Medical Couriers: The Latest Market Demand 

Posted on March 7, 2022

While the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries continue to feel the effects. For instance, medical couriers in Boston are among the most in-demand groups for several reasons – beyond the obvious. While pre-pandemic times kept the industry booming, post-pandemic has continued to increase the demand for the services provided by these couriers.


Here, the professionals at Fleet Couriers explore past and current trends within the medical courier market.


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Possibly one of the top reasons for the increase in medical courier demand comes from the diverse range of services provided. Beyond service, the market breakdown further expands the demand. Below is a brief overview of applications and types of services in which a trusted team of medical couriers can provide benefit:


  • Transportation of Lab Specimens
  • Delivery of Needed Medical Supplies
  • Delivery of Prescription Drugs to Assisted Living Facilities
  • Transport of X-Rays and Medical Documents


  • Assisted Living and Nursing Home Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Dental Offices


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Current Market Trends

When considering the current influx in demand, it is crucial to consider the immediate influences – like COVID-19. The pandemic has had a massive effect not only on the courier industry in Boston but the global medical field. And while things are settling, or ‘returning to normal’ for many, it is predicted that the medical market will continue to grow at tremendous levels after COVID-19. 


In 2021, the global medical courier market was estimated at a value of 54.4 billion USD. By 2028, the revenue forecast will increase to 101.3 billion. That is a growth rate of 9.3% with no prediction of moving in the opposite direction.


Future Industry Predictions

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, the courier industry will hold steady as well. Allowing ease of transportation for various fields and reasons, medical couriers promptly deliver sensitive materials when time is of the essence. And with an ever-growing population, these demands will only increase (pandemic or not).


By 2050, one in every six people across the world will be 65 or older. That is an estimated 2 billion people.


At Fleet Couriers, we are Boston’s top team of medical couriers for trusted and reliable delivery services. By providing superior customer service, including 24/7 emergency courier services, our couriers are here when you need them most. For more information on Boston medical courier services with Fleet Couriers, please contact us today at 800-734-9309.