3 Frequently Asked Questions About Courier Services

Posted on January 7, 2022

courier services


If you find yourself needing a fast, efficient, and reliable way to send or receive an item, you may want to consider courier services. However, some people still wonder why they might need this service when UPS or FedEx is readily available. Fleet Couriers is your team for on-time, reliable courier services in Massachusetts. Today, we are here to answer some of your frequently asked questions about our services. 


How does a courier service work? 

Most people know that courier services handle items such as documents, packages, and other things. However, it is a bit more involved than that. There are courier services, and then there are specialty courier services. Specialty services, like Fleet Couriers, are 24/7/365, meaning there will always be someone there to deliver and pick up your shipments. Specialty couriers also provide shipping and tracking with local and even inside delivery services.  


Why are courier services so important?

A specialty courier service is essential for a variety of different reasons. When using a courier, you are guaranteed that your package will be delivered and received safely. Our deliveries have a very low rate of being damaged in the process. In addition, there are ways to make sure that the package will arrive that same day. Our services are offered throughout the whole year. This allows you to send important packages through the mail, without fear of it being late or lost.


What types of businesses need courier services the most?

While nearly any business can be profitable with a reliable courier service, there are a few that rank higher than others. Here are the top nine businesses utilizing these services the most:


  1. Hospitals and clinics
  2. Pharmaceutical industry 
  3. Schools and universities
  4. Printing companies
  5. Law Firms
  6. Accounting Firms 
  7. Real Estate Agencies
  8. Manufacturing companies
  9. E-commerce Businesses


Still have questions?

Fleet Couriers has been New England’s go-to team of couriers since 1996. Since then, we have brought you professional delivery services for both medical and non-medical customers safely and securely. To ensure that everything for your delivery goes right, we require that our delivery specialists are properly trained to handle even the most hands-on deliveries. 


Want to learn how Fleet Couriers can help on your next deliveries? Contact us today at (800) 780-9309 to learn more about courier services to help your business thrive.