3 Businesses That Rely on Truck Deliveries in Massachusetts

Posted on September 21, 2022

truck deliveries massachusetts

We work with a lot of businesses to deliver all kinds of products and items at Fleet Couriers. No two businesses have exactly the same needs, and some businesses’ needs change over time. To accommodate all those various needs, we have a fleet made up of different types of vehicles. For some businesses, a transit van covers exactly what they need, while for others, a vehicle with more space is required. Truck deliveries in Massachusetts are a major part of how we serve our customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that rely on truck deliveries in Massachusetts to operate.


Auto Parts and Mechanics

Garages and mechanics often keep the parts they need frequently on hand. When ordering parts in quantity, the weight can quickly add up. For example, the average car battery weighs about 40 pounds. Just ten of them will make the load 400 pounds. If a garage orders a shipment of auto parts, they need to be able to rely on a delivery service with trucks and vehicles that are fit for the job.



The manufacturing industry relies on truck deliveries for both sending and receiving products and equipment. Manufacturers regularly use items like tanks, generators, centrifuges, compressors, and other large equipment. If a facility needs a new piece of equipment delivered, they rely on courier services with vehicles large enough to accommodate their needs. They also often need that equipment quickly and look for a courier who can provide same-day delivery.


Medical Facilities

When we think of what medical facilities need couriers to deliver, our first thoughts are usually things like medical records and lab samples. But medical couriers deliver larger items, too. Large medical and surgical equipment has to get to the hospital somehow. Hospitals and medical facilities also take advantage of same-day delivery. If a piece of important equipment breaks, they can’t afford to be without it for long.


Fleet Couriers: Truck Deliveries in Massachusetts

If your business needs to send or receive large or heavy items, truck deliveries in Massachusetts are the best way to do it. At Fleet Couriers, we have a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate virtually any delivery need. We can even ensure that it arrives anywhere in New England on the same day it was sent out.


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