Why Are Boston Roads So Confusing?

For those who don’t frequent Boston, there is plenty of confusion when they find themselves driving or boston courierbiking on our roads. There’s a reason there are myths about the cows creating the roadways, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! As medical and nonmedical truck couriers in MA, we have learned a lot about why these roads exist as they do!

For many, if not most major cities in America, are often set up on the traditional “grid street plan” in which streets run at right angles to one another and create the grid. This system allows drivers and bikers to navigate their way through a city with the help of the cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west).

So, why is Boston not on a grid system?

Boston does exist on a grid system to some extent, but not the same way you might think. Boston was founded in 1630 and quickly became a bustling location where many would congregate for business and to live. Due to the forestry, shipping trade, natural obstacles such as marshes, potential attacks from other groups of people, and hills, it has been found many roads were built around these items in order to continue life as usual. The Back Bay, Dorchester Heights, and South Boston are the exceptions to this rule, as they were either torn down and rebuilt or developed after the grid system was created. So, though it might feel as if these roads were constructed without thought, they were instead created before and during the most transitional years of this great city.

Fortunately for those who use these roads for a living, navigating has become second nature. The team at Fleet Couriers are trained and skilled at driving in Boston and other major New England cities. We will ensure your packages make a safe and timely delivery, no matter what.

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