Why the Healthcare Industry Needs Medical Couriers

Posted on November 7, 2022

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Medical couriers have always been important to the healthcare industry, but the demand for them has increased in recent years. The need for medical couriers won’t be going away, which is why hospitals and healthcare facilities will continue to need companies like Fleet Couriers. Some healthcare facilities have an in-house delivery system, but many prefer the benefits of outsourcing their deliveries to a separate courier company, while others don’t have the resources to keep their own vehicles and employ drivers.

The relationship between the healthcare and courier industries is an important one. Here’s why the healthcare industry continues to need medical couriers.


Reliable and Efficient Deliveries

Whether it’s regular routes or STAT deliveries, you need to know that samples, documents, equipment, and more get to where they need to be when they need to be there. Courier companies have the drivers, vehicles, and flexibility to set up regular delivery routes and deliver items as needed. By using a courier service, a hospital or medical office doesn’t have to worry about where the company vehicles are.


Communication and Tracking

Knowing where your deliveries are at any given moment is crucial in the healthcare industry. If a sample only has a certain shelf-life or someone is waiting on an important piece of equipment, you want to know exactly where your delivery is and when it will arrive. At Fleet Couriers, we use live traffic mapping, so you know where your delivery is along its route at any given moment. This knowledge not only gives you peace of mind but also helps you and your staff to plan and work around the delivery time.


Trained and Knowledgable Drivers

You can’t have just anyone deliver medical records and lab samples. Drivers need to know the best practices for safe handling and how to stay HIPAA compliant. Training drivers costs time and money, but if you contract with a separate company for your medical couriers, you can choose a company that already trains their drivers.


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Fleet Couriers are the Medical Couriers You Need

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