What Goes Into Safely Transporting Medical Materials

Posted on August 4, 2015

Couriers in Boston from FleetWhen it comes to transporting biologically sensitive medical materials safely and securely, Fleet Couriers in Boston is well ahead of the curve. We employ the technology and training for all of our couriers that results in your time-sensitive deliveries being made on time and intact.

Because of our rigorous commitment to the standards and best practices for transporting biologically sensitive items, we’ve worked with some of the most accomplished biomedical firms and medical clients in Boston. They’ve come to depend on our services to accomplish their goals, and help keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly.

But what exactly goes into the standards that’s resulted in our high quality courier services?

First and foremost, all of our couriers and dispatchers are trained under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. HIPAA lays out a solid foundation to ensure that our couriers in Boston are trained to follow important procedures to assure deliveries are made safely, but that, in case of an emergency, can quickly and safely react to the situation. All of our couriers are equipped with spill kits to ensure contamination is quickly addressed in an emergency or accident.

Fleet Couriers in Boston deals with sensitive patient information every day, and we’re keen to make sure that our clients’ privacy is safeguarded. Because of our compliance with the HIPAA, our professional couriers maintain compliance with both strict OSHA regulations and guidelines set by the United Stations Department of Transportation.

In short, when you choose Fleet Couriers, you’re choosing a courier service that does everything in its power to ensure your package isn’t only delivered on time, but is protected to its fullest extent.

Especially for our medical and biomedical clients, we’ve developed trusting relationships based on our adherence to strictly enforced professional guidelines. When you choose Fleet Couriers for your medical delivers, you can rest assured our professional couriers will deliver your packages as if they were their own.

When it comes to professional courier services, choose Fleet Couriers. Call us today at (800) 734-9309.