The Importance of Same Day Delivery in Massachusetts

Posted on August 7, 2020

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As many already know, we are living in the age of information. New technologies have given rise to unique needs in a wide range of industries. Increasingly, businesses are expecting products to arrive shortly after the order is placed. If they’re not getting them right away, their competitors might have an advantage. Hospitals might need materials for an urgent procedure. A pharmaceutical company may be in a sudden demand for a drug. A manufacturing company might need supplies for a time-sensitive task. Countless scenarios render same day delivery in Massachusetts.

In this article, we’re taking a look at three different situations in which a speedy courier service is imperative.


ONE: An emergency medical situation

More often than we realize, patients can lose a substantial amount of blood during major surgery. Although many medical facilities have a blood supply, shortages are not unheard of. If this situation arises, testing for a potential donor needs to take place immediately. However, let’s imagine the donor can’t make it to the hospital. Additionally, the incoming blood supply has to be moved under strict conditions, ensuring it remains uncontaminated. What’s the solution?

A courier that offers same day delivery services. However, in this scenario, you’ll need a trained medical courier. Medical couriers undergo strict training to become complainant in both HIPAA and OSHA. Trained to handle the most sensitive medical items, same day medical couriers can safely and efficiently transport the necessary supplies, so that the doctors can operate in the best manner possible.

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TWO: A miscalculation of needed parts

Medical facilities are not the only operating businesses that require prompt service. Let us consider a construction company for a moment. If the project manager has underestimated the number of parts needed for an urgent project, there is no time for delay. If the company doesn’t finish on schedule, meeting the requirements of their contract, they could risk a financial loss or worse. However, this same company has no means to retrieve and ship the parts in a timely fashion.

In this case, same day delivery service with ample space and the ability to properly transport the parts is needed. With this service, the company will experience little to no delays in the project finish.

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THREE: A drug shortage

An elderly man in a nursing home lost his pills and needs to take them daily to sustain optimal health. The pills are rare and only available at a particular pharmacy. However, the nursing home cannot get there in time for the man to receive his daily dosage.

In this scenario, a same day delivery service with the proper training and certifications may assist with a timely delivery to avoid medication delays.

These three scenarios are just a few examples of how same day delivery in Massachusetts may benefit your business or industry. At Fleet Couriers, we’re a crew of trained and certified professionals that bring peace of mind. For more information on how we can help you, contact our team today at (800) 734-9309.

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