How Do You Send Something by Courier?

Posted on October 12, 2017

massachusetts rush delivery

Using a new service for the first time can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to begin, even something as easy as utilizing a courier! When you find a courier that meets your needs, it’s time to place your order! Local courier businesses are happy to give you a price quote and make it as simple as possible by requesting this specific information on their forms:

Details about you and your company

These details include your primary contact’s name, company name, and contact information for your primary contact.

Pick up information

Where will your package be picked up from by your courier?

Delivery information

Where will your package be delivered?

Package information

Specifically, the number of items, what will be included in this delivery, their dimensions, frequency, pickup date, and pickup time.

Any additional notes

Do you wish to have your packages delivered to a particular person? Is there anything else we should know about this delivery? If there are specific requirements, scheduling, or description of items that you believe are essential to the best delivery possible, your courier will want to know!

After this information is filled out and sent over, they will either place the order or give you a phone call to talk about any other items they need to know. It’s that easy!

With Fleet Couriers, requesting a courier service has never been easier. Our online Price Quote form is straightforward and seeks just the right amount of information for our experts to be able to give you a call and talk out the remaining details. If you are looking for same-day delivery in Massachusetts or across New England, give us a call instead! Rush orders can be more easily processed when you speak to one of our experts over the phone.

More questions about our pricing quotes? Contact us today by calling (800) 734-9309.