Why Packages Often Face Damages

Posted on September 27, 2017

We’ve all seen the videos before of national delivery services providing a less-than-stellar work Courier services from Fleetperformance. There are many times where packages are delivered without a scratch, but too often frustrated customers are left to deal with damaged goods because their packages were not handled well. As a courier service, we can’t help but cringe at these instances, but these are some of the most common reasons your packages face damages:

National delivery services move millions of packages a day

According to FedEx, they deliver over 13 million packages in a single day. With so many deliveries being made and a limited number of employees, standards can fall short and monitoring each package is near impossible. The supply and demand can lead to corners being cut and your packages being handled roughly.

Warehouse or truck conditions

National delivery services often hand off packages from driver to driver, and sometimes, the warehouses or trucks your packages sit in do not make for the perfect conditions. Humidity, temperature, vibration and shifting within the truck itself as it moves and many other outside factors can impact the way your package looks when it arrives at its destination.

The driver did not take the time to deliver the package properly

Depending on the size and weight of your package, the weather conditions, accessibility to the front door, time constraints, and overall ambition of the driver can result in damages. With so many packages being delivered unsupervised by the recipient, it can be difficult to hold drivers accountable unless somehow caught on film.

You chose the wrong delivery service

When having important packages delivered, local truck couriers are the best solution available. Those national delivery services are unable to offer the same attention to detail, care, and efficiency that Fleet Couriers can provide. From online ordering and tracking to same day delivery and a single driver responsible for your precious cargo, you will rest well knowing you are in the hands of competent and skilled professionals.

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