Why Fleet Never Closes

Posted on November 21, 2017

courier rush deliveryAs the weather shifts, the team at Fleet is already starting to think about the winter season and our interview on WBZ during a snowstorm last year. Some people were surprised to see us out, but for us, that’s just another day on the job. We pride ourselves on being a courier service that never truly closes because of these important reasons:

Our drivers are well trained

When driving in any kind of weather at any time of day, it’s imperative to have drivers that are qualified for all conditions. Fleet Couriers takes the time to prepare each team member for these instances to offer our services responsibly and ensure their own safety and anyone else who also might be on the road around them.

Medical deliveries

We offer medical courier and logistics services because we understand that no matter the weather, there will always be people out there that require critical medical deliveries. From medication to blood, these deliveries are essential for the health of patients and keep medical facilities running. We will always be available to make these deliveries possible.


We’re dedicated to providing each of our customers the service they want and deserve for their business, which means we’re willing to put in the time and energy. Our team is committed to making each experience with us better than the last, and that starts with having the availability you need from a courier service.

Since 1996, we have been serving Massachusetts and the Northeast by providing 27/4 deliveries for both medical and nonmedical customers. We would love to work with you and show how we stand apart from other couriers in the area.

With more questions about our medical services, same-day delivery, or other delivery options around New England, please contact Fleet Couriers today by calling (800) 734-9309.