Find the Right Boston Couriers for Your Business

Posted on April 7, 2023

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More businesses than ever are relying on courier and delivery services to operate. Customers have come to expect that they can get nearly anything delivered directly to their door as long as they can find someone to get it there. Because of this expectation, it’s essential that you can get your products out to your customers as quickly as possible. What’s the most reliable way to do that? A courier service! But with so many couriers in Boston, how do you know you’re choosing the right one for your business needs?


Here are four of the most important things you should look for when hiring couriers in Boston.


Customer Service

When working with any company, the first thing you should consider is their customer service. When you contact them for the first time, how do they treat you? You want to find a courier company that will put your needs first.


Insurance and Certifications

No matter the size of your business, you can’t afford to put any of your deliveries at risk. But if you entrust your products to a courier company that doesn’t have insurance or the proper certifications, that’s exactly what you’re doing. At Fleet Couriers, you don’t have to worry. All our deliveries are insured, and our services are DOT, OSHA, and HIPAA compliant.


Real-Time Tracking

Once an exciting new technology, real-time tracking has become another feature customers expect. Sometimes, that knowledge is just nice to know, but in certain circumstances, knowing the exact location of your delivery is essential. With the real-time tracking tools that we use at Fleet Couriers, you can see where your delivery is on a map, when it will arrive, and if there are any changes to the route or delivery time.


Pick-Up and Delivery Scheduling

Having control over your delivery helps you run your business more efficiently. If you have items you need to receive or ship out on a daily or regular basis, you need to be able to schedule those deliveries. This allows you to manage your inventory and organize your staffing in a way that works for your business and how it operates.


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