How We’re Different Than the Big Delivery Companies

Posted on October 24, 2017

same day delivery massachusettsThere has been more than one occasion when a customer has assumed Fleet Couriers is an equivalent alternative to FedEx or UPS or vice versa. Though we can understand the confusion, many characteristics set us apart from our national competitors. Here are a few a few ways local couriers can offer more to their MA customers:

The shipping processes

When mailing a package through a national service, you must head over to the post office or one of their locations to complete shipping. You will stand in line, wait for the next available employee, weigh and measure your package, and prep for their shipment. With local couriers, they come straight to you.

There are so many options

There are so few national delivery companies that there is not enough competition to help lower the costs. When you choose a national service, you are stuck with what they offer. With local couriers, there are so many to choose from. Depending on your needs, you will be able to pick and choose the businesses you work with. For example, some offer medical logistics services while some specialize in other kinds of deliveries.

Delivery specifics

National delivery services’ technology is unable to keep up with the demand, and that means less information regarding your delivery. Local courier services like Fleet can provide specific delivery times, which driver will be handling and delivering your package, and other specifics you will be grateful to know!

What these characteristics all have in common? Convenience.

Local couriers are different than national companies because we can offer the convenience they are not. From pick up to delivery, we will treat your package as if it were our own and ensure a safe and efficient delivery.

With more questions about our courier services, please do not hesitate to contact Fleet Couriers today by calling (800) 734-9309.