Our Courier Services Are Perfect For Express Delivery

Posted on April 19, 2018

courier servicesWhen someone enlists a courier, they expect professionalism and delivery. Sometimes, that also means they need a rushed delivery – which means same day delivery should also be on the table. When you require quick delivery, the last thing you need is stress. You need professional, reliable courier services that can get the job done promptly. We’ll do that for you. Here’s why we stand a cut above the rest when it comes to express delivery.




We’ve provided expert service since 1996, so you can have peace of mind when you trust us with your valuables. Our team is full of qualified, experienced individuals who want to provide the best courier service possible. Not to mention that our professionals are multi-faceted and have trained in logistics, messenger service, and other components that make our reputable courier company what it is today.



We don’t limit ourselves to just one state in the country. We service all of New England and are happy to help customers in the region in any way possible. Don’t worry about the distance. We have the fleet and employees to make it all happen and reach you in a timely, efficient manner. Talk to us today and see if we can work your route into our schedule.


Fair rates

The chances are that if you need same-day delivery, you’re a bit concerned about the cost. You don’t have to be when you call Fleet Couriers. We offer practical and competitive costs that put us a step above the competition. We’re proud to provide service that is as affordable as it is convenient. If you need to save some money, look you don’t have to look further than us!



To get a job done well and efficiently, a company needs the full range of tools to make it possible. Fleet Couriers not only has great employees, but we also have top-notch tracking technology, logging information, and plenty of vehicles in our fleet. We have everything in our arsenal necessary to make an impact and get the job done, even if it seems like a challenging prospect!



Express delivery is a great and efficient option for people who want to deliver goods. If you need it or any other courier services, we’re happy to help you. Give Fleet Couriers a call at 1-(800)-734-9309 and see what we can do for you today!