Comedy Bringing Issues to Light

Posted on June 30, 2016

Courier services from FleetKevin James made his name for himself as a delivery man in the streets of Queens in the old show King of Queens. His antics follow his daily challenges between his job, his wife, and his step-father. The comedic standpoint that is picked at from the show on the life of couriers, picks fun at the aspects of a job that is, in reality, one of the oldest jobs in the nation. As well as being the oldest, it is also the most important job in order for our society to function. While it can be comedic, the true instances of working for courier services in Boston are real.

Many issues that couriers face are often ignored as they work their way through the crowded streets. While a good courier will never let you know what bothered him on his way to deliver the goods, you can be sure that there was something that changed his plan of action. Especially in the medical courier field, being able to think on the move in a major city weeds out the good couriers from the bad.


Working with medical deliveries and various other time sensitive materials makes commuting in a high traffic city difficult. A courier service needs to know what roads to take in order to avoid that. Complications with rush hour traffic can make or break any delivery and couriers are trained to handle these scenarios.

Construction detours

This is something that can be an annoyance. Construction detours can lead to long and complicated routes through back streets. While you could try to maneuver this on your own, many times couriers can actually know of these changes beforehand. While this scenario could make a comedic joke in nonstop route changes with technology today, couriers in Boston know their way around.


While most couriers work to give the fastest service possible, sometimes deadlines can overlap. This can make the requirements by the variety of clients seem impossible. By having a route set during the day helps your courier ensure that there will be a perfect combination of stops that can guarantee deliveries that will be there on time. Planning is a major part of being a courier, that is why concentration on what couriers do, should be taken seriously.

Car Troubles

The main reason going with a company rather than a courier on their own free time would be the support. If something happens to the vehicle used for transport, like an overheated radiator, which can happen to even the most tuned vehicle, many fleets are able to come to the rescue for their courier brethren. While individual couriers rely on their own vehicle, courier companies have multiple cars that can help support if something happens during your delivery. While it doesn’t happen often, this can be a real issue when there are time sensitive deadlines.

Ultimately being a courier can be fun and games, but at the end of the day, like with any job, the couriers that are riding around are working hard to get your needs and supplies to where it needs to be. So with all the complications that arrive for courier services in Boston, they will be able to make anything possible for your business, in a timely and efficient manner for you.

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