4 Tips For Choosing The Right Massachusetts Courier Services

Posted on April 7, 2020

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Now more than ever, people are turning to courier services in Massachusetts for their medical and non-medical transportation needs. However, when you hop online to check out your options, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. With a variety of couriers to choose from, knowing where to begin and what to look for is essential.

As Boston’s premier couriers, our team at Fleet Couriers is here to help. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top four categories everyone should consider when choosing the company best suited for their courier needs.



Pickup scheduling

Whether you’re a medical or non-medical customer, having a team behind your business that can provide their services when you need them is essential. While some companies offer pickup during a specific window of time, others make themselves available for when you need them.



Real-time tracking of packages

One of the biggest pieces of reassurance a customer can have is knowledge. Knowledge in knowing exactly where your package is during every step of the process is essential. Often, courier companies will have state of the technologies allowing you to have access to this type of information at the tips of your fingers.



Are the company and drivers insured

Although we often put convenience before other factors, knowing that your delivery is fully protected should be one of the top priorities. From the moment you place your request until you receive delivery notification, your items should be 100% insured. This means company insurance as well as driver education and compliance with state and federal regulations.



Customer service availability

As with any business, having the option to reach a live person when you need them is a significant factor. We’ve all been stuck in the prerecorded loop of an answering service, pushing numbers hoping to reach a representative. It’s a frustrating process! Believe it or not, there are courier companies out there – like Fleet Couriers – that will connect you to a live person 24/7 without the frustrations!


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For all of your courier services in Massachusetts, choose the number one company, Fleet Couriers. Our team has been servicing the greater Boston area since 1996 with professional delivery and logistical services for both medical and non-medical customers. For more information on how our team can help your business, contact us today at (800) 734-9309.