Mail Delivery By Animals

Before same day delivery existed in Massachusetts and across the world, there were different modes of transportation used to get packages and messages delivered to those who needed them. Before the use of trains and cars, there were even simpler delivery options out there, including mail delivery by animals. The Fleet Couriers team loves to revisit the history of our profession, and these animals were an essential part of the process for centuries.


Used as the primary method of transportation, horses also were utilized in mail delivery and messages all around the world. In ancient times, they were only used for government and military correspondence before they became open to the public. In the 19th century, the Pony Express was created and serviced a large portion of the United States before the first railroad and telegraph were created.


Before being utilized and known for government and military purposes across the world, pigeons were utilized by the Persians, then the Greeks to announce their Olympic victors between cities. They were also used by stockbrokers, financiers, and news outlets before the telegraph was created.


With limited access to Alaska and Canada in the winter months during early settlement, dogs were utilized to deliver mail by dogsled. This delivery service was short lived, it was only a few short years before they made a more routine delivery service to Alaska and later transferred to aviation travels.


Similar to dogs, reindeer were utilized in Alaska as a way to deliver mail. Similar to the horse, they were able to carry light and heavy loads and were able to travel long distances with the help of those who were willing to travel this cold and lonely route.


Maybe the most fascinating of all delivery animals is the camel. Australia utilized camels as a mode of transportation for many years and accepted cameleers into their country on contracts to transfer mail. This journey took nearly four weeks to complete.

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