Common Package Delivery Problems

Posted on April 14, 2017

When you’re a business that utilizes delivery services often, you will find yourself facing some of the Same day courier servicecommon problems faced by those national companies. Fleet Couriers understands the appeal of Googling your local package service and shipping off your items, but we also know the horror stories many have faced when doing so. As a truck courier in MA, we have been the go-to solution for many of these issues because local always does it better.

PROBLEM: The tracking number is inaccurate or not working

SOLUTION: Fleet Couriers offers online ordering and tracking which is kept updated and far more accurate than many of the national, commercial delivery services out there.

PROBLEM: The order was delayed

SOLUTION: When you use Fleet Couriers, you are choosing to work with a business that is dedicated to you, not to the calendar or their timesheet.

PROBLEM: The order was damaged

SOLUTION: Each of our drivers at Fleet go through extensive training for their position, which includes treating each package as important and carefully as the next.

PROBLEM: The order was lost

SOLUTION: The drivers at Fleet Couriers stay with your package from beginning to end, and you will know who is with your delivery every step of the way.

PROBLEM: The order was delivered to the wrong address

SOLUTION: Fleet Couriers is one of the most dedicated fleet services in New England, and we will ensure your packages are delivered to the right person.

Fleet Couriers offers same day deliveries, medical deliveries, daily routes, and more. We want each of our customers to know the care and effort we put into each delivery, no matter the package. For years, we have serviced New England and the various businesses who need and desire a service as thorough as ours.

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