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Often when we think of courier service in MA; we envision traditional services.  Whether it’s medical couriers, truck couriers, or same-day delivery service, there is always some version of a courier on the road.  However, with the flair of today’s society, courier service in MA is taking a new direction.  Even though traditional services will […]

When you’re considering hiring a courier service or delivery company, how do you know which one is the best option? Here’s a list of things you should try to avoid—any one of these can be a red flag for the company’s services. No tracking options You should have the ability to know where your deliveries […]

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When you need to choose a courier service to work with your company, how can you decide which is right for you? Take a look at our guide to what a courier service should offer, and what to look for in choosing a service. Make sure the courier is insured or bonded. This gives you […]

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Fleet Couriers understands the difficulties of deliveries in New England. The weather varies wildly, you can drive into another state without noticing, and traffic in major cities can be unbearable. We know how to deal with these issues and still make sure your deliveries arrive on time. The weather in New England can be unpredictable. […]

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Though we can understand the confusion, many characteristics set us apart from our national competitors. Here are a few a few ways local couriers can offer more to their MA customers:

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Local courier businesses are happy to give you a price quote and make it as simple as possible by requesting this specific information on their forms:

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As a courier service, we can’t help but cringe at these instances, but these are some of the most common reasons your packages face damages:

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Medical logistic services are an essential part of any health care provider’s team, as it helps streamline and create effective processes that support staff to ensure they have the appropriate supplies, equipment, and more.

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There’s a reason there are myths about the cows creating the roadways, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

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How are we able to be as committed to our customers as we are? With the help of state-of-the-art courier technology. We love courier technology because of what it can do to enhance our services and increase customer satisfaction.